About The University

About the University of Human Development

The University of Human Development is a national university licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education of Kurdistan Regional Government by virtue of law no. (19211/3). It was established on 16th of December 2008. The university has two campuses. T1he first camp is located in the town of Qaradagh, 45 km south-east of Slemani city. It is on the foothills of a beautiful High Mountain. The second camp is located in Slemani city, near the Goizha Mountain. Its campus has been carefully laid out to embrace the beautiful mountainous nature.

The vision of the university:
The university has to be the leader in academic process, scientific research, and human development.

The mission of the university: 
The university's mission is to meet the requirements of educational, cultural and technical areas within the frameworks of the highest values, commitment to human development, and the development of education and scientific research

cooperation with all scientific and professional institutions in Iraq.
 Besides, the university aims to get benefit from foreign universities and institutions so that it will become an exemplary university and a scientific reference in the institutional accreditation. 

The goals of the UHD: 
Global leadership in the field of science and technology as well as serving society. The leadership of the University, creativity of the students, management excellence, community development, and progress of the nation is at the heart of the desired goals. 
 Creating a sort of mentality that looks forward to building and not destroying, progressing and not regressing, civilizing and not demolishing, and reforming instead of corrupting. 
The advancement of society through the promotion of the individuals, make every effort to turn the university into an active establishment that serves the society and provide it with its necessity, needs for the of scientific, technical and economic development. 

Developing the skills of the students and encouraging them to enter the world of creativity and innovation in thinking. Moreover, turning their energy into working as well as practicing materials. 

Getting the best out of the both genders, supplying them with modern technology and renewable science. Furthermore, getting benefit from every useful old thing and every new thing that may come handy so that they would be able to build, create and keep up with the up to date life. 
Improving students psychologically, intellectually, socially, scientifically, technically, literally, professionally and linguistically. 
Planning to cooperate with the scientific and occupational institutions inside Iraq and getting benefit from the universities and research centers abroad in order to emerge as an example to be followed.